Words: , 1899. This hymn was writ­ten at Holm­wood, Sur­rey, Eng­land, af­ter the re­verse at Co­len­so, and saw ex­ten­sive use dur­ing the Bo­er War.

Music: Mat­lock, M. Wise, in The Psalt­er or Psalms of Da­vid, by R. Good­ridge, 1684. Al­ter­nate tunes:

If you know M. Wise’s first name, or where to get a pic­ture of him or Som­er­set Low­ry

Lord, while afar our brothers fight,
Thy Church united lifts her prayer;
Be Thou their Shield by day and night;
Guide, guard, and help them everywhere:
O God of battles, hear our cry,
And in their danger be Thou nigh.

For those who, wounded in the fray,
Are ling’ring still on beds of pain,
Who to their loved ones far away
May nevermore return again,
O God of pity, hear our cry,
And in their anguish be Thou nigh.

For wives and mothers sore distressed,
For all who wait in silent fear,
For homes bereaved which gave their best,
For hearts now desolate and drear,
O God of comfort, hear our cry,
And in the darkest hour draw nigh.

Spare us, good Lord! If just the strife,
Yet still from guilt we are not free;
Forgive our blind and careless life,
Our oft forgetfulness of Thee.
O God of mercy, hear our cry,
And to our contrite souls draw nigh.

We bow beneath the chastening rod,
To us the sin and shame belong,
But Thou art righteous, Thou art God,
And right shall triumph over wrong.
In Thee we trust, to Thee we cry;
Lord, now and ever be Thou nigh.