Words: Par­a­phrase of Psalm 119; au­thor un­known.

Music: Wil­mot, ; ar­ranged by , Car­mi­na Sac­ra (Bos­ton, Mass­a­chu­setts: J. H. Wil­kins & R. B. Car­ter, 1844).

Lord, Thy Word to me remember,
Thou hast made me hope in Thee;
This my comfort in affliction,
That Thy Word has quickened me.

Mocked by those who are unrighteous,
Still to Thy commands I cleave;
Thinking on Thy former judgments,
Help and comfort I receive.

Wicked men, Thy law forsaking,
Stirred my indignation strong;
For in all my pilgrim journey
Thy commandments are my song.

Thou hast been my meditation
And Thy law has been my guide;
I have kept Thy righteous precepts,
And have found them true and tried.