Words: , in Sun­day School Hymns No. 1, by and (New York: Tull­ar-Mer­e­dith Co., 1903), num­bers 134 & 263.

Music: .

If you know W. A. Post’s full name, or where to get a photo of him or Flo­ra Kirk­land

Night had fallen darkly
Over Judea’s hill;
Shepherds watched in silence,
All the flocks were still;
Light dispelled the darkness,
Light, then day more fair,
Lo! a mighty angel,
Stood in glory there.


Long ago, long ago,
Came that angel bright,
“Fear ye not! Fear ye not!”
Rang across the night.
Long ago, long ago,
Over a bed of hay,
Angels fair, in the air,
Watched where Jesus lay.

Shepherds of Judea,
Watching flocks by night;
Patient, gentle watchers
Trembled at the light,
Trembled when the glory
O’er the hillside spread,
Trembled till the angel
“Fear not,” sweetly said.


Hosts of shining angels
Joined the herald bright;
Legions from the glory,
Came that wondrous night—
Came with alleluias,
For a Savior born;
Came to tell the weary
Of redemption’s morn.