Words: , in Psalms and Hymns for Publ­ic, Pri­vate and So­cial Wor­ship, by H. V. El­li­ott, 1835.

Music: Maidstone, , 1865.

Lord of earth, Thy forming hand,
Well this beauteous frame hath planned,
Woods that wave, and hills that tower,
Ocean rolling in his power;
Yet amidst this scene so fair,
Should I cease thy smile to share,
What were all its joys to me?
Whom have I on earth but Thee?

Lord of heaven, beyond our sight
Shines a world of purer light;
There in love’s unclouded reign,
Severed friends shall meet again:
O that world is passing fair!
Yet, if Thou wert absent there,
What were all its joys to me?
Whom have I in Heaven but Thee?

Lord of earth and Heaven, my breast
Seeks in Thee its only rest;
I was lost; Thy accents mild
Homeward lured Thy wandering child:
O if once Thy smile divine
Ceased upon my soul to shine,
What were earth or Heaven to me?
Whom have in each but Thee?