Words: The Psal­ter, 1912.

Music: St. Mi­chael, mel­o­dy by in the French Ge­ne­van Psalt­er, 1551; adapt­ed by in his Psalm Tunes, 1836. Al­ter­nate tune:

Lord, bless and pity us,
Shine on us with Thy face,
That all the earth Thy way may know
And men may see Thy grace.

Thy praise, O gracious God,
Let all the nations sing,
Let all men worship Thee with joy
And songs of gladness bring.

The nations Thou wilt judge
And lead them in Thy ways;
Let all men praise Thy Name, O God,
Let al the people praise.

The earth her fruit shall yield,
For God, our God, will bless;
We shall be blest, and all the world
His glory shall confess.