Words: Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885).

Music: Sagina, , Bou­quet, 1825. Al­ter­nate tunes:

  • Abschied, (1767-1835)
  • Angelus, Ge­org Jo­seph, Heil­ige Seel­en­lust, 1657
  • Bera, , 1849

Father, I scarcely dare to pray,
So clear I see, now it is done,
How I have wasted half my day,
And left my work but just begun.
So clear I see that things I thought
Were right or harmless were a sin;
So clear I see that I have sought,
Unconscious, selfish aims to win.

So clear I see that I have hurt
The souls I might have helped to save;
That I have slothful been, inert,
Deaf to the calls Thy leaders gave.
In outskirts of Thy kingdoms vast
Father, the humblest spot give me;
Set me the lowliest task Thou hast,
Let me repentant work for Thee.