Words: , in the Geist­reich­es Ge­sang­buch (Halle, Ger­ma­ny: 1697), page 587 (Dir, dir Je­ho­vah, will ich sing­en); trans­lat­ed from Ger­man to Eng­lish by , 1863.

Music: Dir, Dir, Je­ho­vah, Neu­es Geist­reich­es Ge­sang­buch, (Hal­le, Ger­ma­ny: 1704).

Jehovah, let me now adore Thee,
For where is there a God, such, Lord, as Thou?
With songs I fain would come before Thee;
O let Thy Holy Spirit teach me now
To praise Thee in His Name through Whom alone
Our songs can please Thee, through Thy blessèd Son.

O Father, draw me to my Savior
That Thy dear Son may draw me unto Thee;
Thy Spirit guide my whole behavior
And rule both sense and reason thus in me,
That, Lord, Thy peace I taste may ne’er depart,
But wake sweet melodies within my heart.

O joy! our hope and trust are founded
On His sure Word, and witness in the heart;
I know Thy mercies are unbounded,
And all good gifts Thou freely wilt impart,
Nay, more is lavished by Thou bounteous hand,
Than we can ask or seek or understand.

O joy! In His Name we draw near Thee,
Who ever pleadeth for the sons of men;
I ask in faith and Thou wilt hear me,
In Him Thy promises are all Amen.
O joy for me! and praise be ever Thine,
Whose wondrous love has made such blessings mine!