Words: (1674-1748).

Music: Ward, ar­ranged from a Scot­tish mel­o­dy by , 1830.

If you know when this hymn was writ­ten

Jesus! dear Name, how sweet it sounds!
Replete with balm for all our wounds:
His Word declares His grace is free,
Come, needy sinner, “Come and see.”

He left the shining courts on high,
Came to our world to bleed and die;
Jesus the Lord hung on a tree,
Come, thoughtless sinner, “Come and see.”

Your sins did pierce His bleeding heart,
Till death had done its dreadful part;
His boundless love extends to thee,
Come, trembling sinner, “Come and see.”

His blood can cleanse the foulest stain,
Can make the vilest sinner clean;
This fountain open stands for thee,
Come, guilty sinner, “Come and see.”