Words: , 1876 (the au­thor is of­ten shown by her pseu­do­nym, “Paul­ina”).

Music: .

If you know the au­thor’s full name, or where to get a pho­to of her

Oh, spirit, o’erwhelmed by thy failures and fears,
Look up to thy Lord, though with trembling and tears;
Weak Faith, to thy call seem the heav’ns only dumb?
To thee is the message, “Hold fast till I come.”


Hold fast till I come, hold fast till I come,
A bright crown awaits thee; Hold fast till I come.

Hold fast when the world would allure thee to sin;
Hold fast when the tempter assails from within;
In sunshine or sadness, in gain or in loss,
To falter were madness; oh, cling to the cross.


Thy Savior is coming in tenderest love,
To make up His jewels and bear them above:
Oh, child, in thine anguish, despairing or dumb,
Remember the message, “Hold fast till I come.”