Words: , in the Col­lege Hymn­al (1897) & the Pres­by­ter­i­an New Psalms and Hymns (Rich­mond, Vir­gin­ia: 1901); the lat­ter gives the date of au­thor­ship as 1855.

Music: Home­land (Sull­i­van), , 1867.

The Homeland! O the Homeland! The land of souls free born!
No gloomy night is known there, but only fadeless morn:
I’m sighing for that country, my heart is aching here;
There is no pain in the Homeland to which I’m drawing near.

My Lord is in the Homeland, with angels bright and fair;
No sinful thing nor evil, can ever enter there;
The music of the ransomed is ringing in my ears,
And when I think of the Homeland, my eyes are wet with tears.

For loved ones in the Homeland are waiting me to come,
Where neither death nor sorrow invades their holy home:
O dear, dear native country! O rest and peace above!
Christ bring us all to the Homeland, of His eternal love.