Words: (1840-1930) (Hel­ige Fa­der, Böj Ditt Öra Ne­der); trans­lat­ed from Swed­ish to Eng­lish by (1901-1984).

Music: Flemming, , 1811.

O heav’nly Father, hear my supplication,
I bow before Thee in Thy congregation;
Humble and needy, seeking Thy salvation,
Hear Thou my prayer, O God!

Draw me, Redeemer, I would seek Thee solely,
Help me to cherish, love, obey Thee wholly,
Fully surrendered, live a life that’s holy,
Hear Thou my prayer, O God!

Dwell Thou, O Savior, in my heart forever,
Thou who hast promised nothing shall us sever,
Comfort and lead me, I would leave Thee never,
Hear Thou my prayer, O God.