Words: , Po­ems on Sub­jects Chief­ly De­vo­tion­al, 1760.

Music: Por­tu­gal, Thom­as Thor­ley, 1789.

How lovely, how divinely sweet,
Oh Lord! Thy sacred courts appear;
Fain would my longing passions meet
The glories of Thy presence there.

O bless’d the men, bless’d their employ,
Whom Thy indulgent favors raise
To dwell in those abodes of joy,
And sing Thy never ceasing praise.

Happy the men whom strength divine
With ardent love and zeal inspires;
Whose steps to Thy blest way incline
With willing hearts and warm desires.

One day within Thy sacred gate,
Affords more real joy to me
Than thousands in the tents of state;
The meanest place is bliss with Thee.