Words: (1832-1914); the words were writ­ten for a song-ser­vice at the Rug­gles Street Church in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Music: Webb, , 1830.

If you know other vers­es to this hymn, or where to get a pho­to of Ther­on Brown (or a bet­ter one of George Webb)

He rose! O morn of wonder!
They saw His light go down
Whose hate had crushed Him under,
A King without a crown.
No plume, no garland wore He,
Despised death’s Victor lay,
And wrapped in night His glory,
That claimed a grander day.

He rose! He burst immortal
From death’s dark realm alone,
And left its heavenward portal
Swung wide for all His own.
Nor need one terror seize us
To face earth’s final pain,
For they who follow Jesus,
But die to live again.