Words: , Hymns for Christ­ian De­vo­tion, 1846, num­ber 419.

Music: Aus­tria (Hay­dn), ar­ranged by , 1797, pos­si­bly from a Cro­a­tian folk mel­o­dy. Al­ter­nate tune:

  • Autumn, , 1785

Heaven is here, where hymns of gladness
Cheer the toilers’ rugged way,
In this world where clouds of sadness
Often change to night our day;
Heaven is here, where misery lightened
Of its heavy load is seen,
Where the face of sorrow brightened,
By the deed of love hath been.

Where the sad, the poor, despairing,
Are uplifted, cheered, and blest,
Where in others’ labors sharing,
We can find our surest rest;
Where we heed the voice of duty,
Tread the path that Jesus trod;
This is Heaven, its peace, its beauty,
Radiant with the love of God.