Words: (1829-1902).

Music: Harmony by Ella MacGill.

If you know when this song was writ­ten, or where to find a pho­to of Wake­field or El­la Mac­Gill

Hear the wail across the sea
Comes from millions unto thee—
Weary ones who might be free
Did they but know of Calvary.


Wailing, wailing o’er the sea;
Wailing, wailing unto thee;
Wailing, wailing to be free;
Go, tell them all of Calvary.

Wailing of the prophet cursed,
Of fanatics, wildest, worst,
Help us, Lord, their chains to burst,
And set them free by Calvary.


Wailings reach this favored shore,
Wailings ceasing nevermore;
Men are dying evermore;
Go, tell them all of Calvary.