Words: B. H. Hall, 1906, chorus by Joseph W. Lerman; ap­peared in The Bi­ble School Hymn­al, ed­it­ed by and (New York: Tull­ar-Mer­e­dith Co., 1907), num­ber 229.

Music: .

If you know B. H. Hall’s full name, or where to get a pho­to of him or Jo­seph Ler­man

Day of wonder, day of gladness,
Hail thy ever glorious light!
Gone is sorrow, gone is sadness,
Ended is the gloomy night!
Listen to the angel’s story—
Cast away all dark and dread;
Give to God, the Father, glory!
“Christ is risen from the dead!”


Hallelujah! hallelujah!
Christ is risen, as He said;
Hallelujah! hallelujah!
Christ is risen from the dead!

In the triumph of this hour,
Jubilant shall swell the song;
Unto Jesus, honor, power,
Blessing, victory belong.
Scattered are the clouds of error,
Sin and hell are captive led;
E’en the grave is free from terror,
“Christ is risen from the dead!”


Every people, every nation,
Soon shall hear the gladsome sound;
Joyous tidings of salvation,
Borne to earth’s remotest bound.
Then shall rise in tones excelling,
Praise for grace so freely shed;
And the Easter hymn be swelling,
“Christ is risen from the dead!”