Words: T. A. Owen, 1902.

Music: Victor H. Benke.

If you know the au­thor’s full name, or where to get a pho­to of him

How can I look on Calv’ry’s cross
And see my Savior there,
With outstretched arms the world to save,
My sins Himself to bear?
How contemplate and yet withstand
Such love as He has shown
Who died to draw the sinner near
And claim him for His own?


O love of God, that bro’t me there,
O love so deep, so true,
Come fill my longing heart with light
And rapture, thro’ and thro’.

How can I think of all He bore—
The shame, the thorns, the pain,
And unrepentant go my way
To pierce His heart again?
Forsaken in His darkest hour
By all, except His God,
Shall I deny my blessčd Lord,
Who died to lift the rod?


No, no! I cannot traitor be
To Jesus, King of Love,
Tho’ sinner steeped in guilt I am,
His mercy I will prove;
His blood on Calv’ry’s cross was shed,
To save e’en such as me;
O Jesus, now accept my all,
And draw me close to Thee.