Words: , 2003.

Music: Beach Spring, from Sac­red Harp, by , 1844. Al­ter­nate tunes:

  • Abbot’s Leigh, , © 1941, re­newed 1970, Hope Pub­lish­ing Company; used by per­mis­sion
  • Hyfrydol, , 1830

God, whose love is always stronger
Than our weakness, pride and fear,
In your world, we pray and wonder
How to be more faithful here.
Hate too often grows inside us;
Fear rules what the nations do.
So we pray, when wars divide us:
Give us love, Lord! Make us new!

Love is patient, kind and caring,
Never arrogant or rude,
Never boastful, all things bearing;
Love rejoices in the truth.
When we’re caught up in believing
War will make the terror cease,
Show us Jesus’ way of living;
May our strength be in your peace.

May our faith in you be nourished;
May your churches hear your call.
May our lives be filled with courage
As we speak your love for all.
Now emboldened by your Spirit
Who has given us new birth,
Give us love, that we may share it
Till your love renews the earth!