Words: , 1913.

Music: Toulon, Ge­ne­van Psalt­er, 1551. Al­ter­nate tune:

God of the nations, who from dawn of days,
Hast led Thy people in their widening ways,
Through Whose deep purpose stranger thousands stand
Here in the borders of our promised land.

Thine ancient might rebuked the Pharaoh’s boast
Thou wast the shield for Israel’s marching host,
And, all the ages through, past crumbling throne
And broken fetter, Thou hast brought Thine own.

Thy hand has led across the hungry sea
The eager peoples flocking to be free,
And, from the breeds of earth, Thy silent sway
Fashions the nation of the broadening day.

Then, for Thy grace to grow in brotherhood,
For hearts aflame to serve Thy destined good,
For faith, and will to win what faith shall see,
God of Thy people, hear us cry to Thee.