Words: (1844-1909).

Music: Germany, Sac­red Mel­o­dies, by , 1815. Alternate tunes:

  • Ham­burg, , 1824
  • Mainzer, , cir­ca 1845

If you know when this hymn was writ­ten, or have a bet­ter picture of Ri­chard Gil­der or Will­iam Gar­di­ner

God of the strong, God of the weak,
Lord of all lands and our own land;
Light of all souls, from Thee we seek
Light from Thy light, strength from Thy hand.

In suffering Thou hast made us one,
In mighty burdens one are we:
Teach us that lowliest duty done
Is highest service unto Thee.

Teach us, great Teacher of mankind
The sacrifice that brings Thy balm;
The love, the work that bless and bind;
Teach us Thy majesty, Thy calm.

Teach Thou, and we shall know indeed
The truth divine that maketh free;
And knowing, we may sow the seed
That blossoms through eternity.