Words: ; print­ed on a broad­sheet for the Shef­field Whit­sun­tide Na­tion­al and Sun­day School Fes­tiv­al, June 11, 1821, and again for the Shef­field Sun­day School Un­ion in 1825.

Music: Sab­bats­dag, , 1877. Alternate tune:

  • Can­ter­bu­ry, , 1623

Glory to the Father give,
God in Whom we move and live;
Children’s prayers He deigns to hear,
Children’s songs delight His ear.

Glory to the Son we bring,
Christ our Prophet, Priest and King;
Children, raise your sweetest strain
To the Lamb, for He was slain.

Glory to the Holy Ghost,
Who reclaims the sinner lost;
Children’s minds may He inspire,
Touch their tongues with holy fire.

Glory in the highest be
To the blessèd Trinity,
For the Gospel from above,
For the word that God is love.