Words: , 1999. The words were writ­ten “for use by church­es who want to sup­port the re­lief ef­forts for the Afg­han ref­u­gees.”

Music: Aberystwyth (Parry), , in Ste­phens’ Ail Lyfr To­nau ac Emy­nau, 1879. Al­ter­nate tune:

  • Ives, Plymouth Collection, 1855

God, how can we comprehend—though we’ve seen them times before—
Lines of people without end fleeing danger, want, and war?
They seek safety anywhere, hoping for a welcome hand!
Can we know the pain they bear? Help us, Lord, to understand!

You put music in their souls; now they struggle to survive.
You gave each one gifts and goals; now they flee to stay alive.
God of outcasts, may we see how you value everyone,
For each homeless refugee is your daughter or your son.

Lord, your loving knows no bounds; you have conquered death for all.
May we hear beyond our towns to our distant neighbors’ call.
Spirit, may our love increase; may we reach to all your earth,
Till your whole world lives in peace; till we see each person’s worth.