Words: , in the Evan­gel­i­cal Lu­the­ran Hymn­al (Co­lum­bus, Ohio: 1880).

Music: All­mäch­tig­er Gott, (1598-1662).

Great God, a blessing from Your throne
Grant us who lay this cornerstone,
To build a church in which Your Word
Is purely taught and gladly heard.

The work is Yours and not our own;
Oh, come, and make Your presence known;
Our prayers accept, our off’ring bless,
Our labors crown with due success.

We are the people of Your choice,
And while we in this grace rejoice,
Our prayer is this, our constant care,
That others too our bliss may share.

Lord, here erect a blessèd home
Where Christ will ever bid us come,
From Him receiving grace for grace
Till we behold You face to face.