Words: Un­known au­thor, 13th Cen­tu­ry or lat­er (Cedant justi signa luctus); trans­lat­ed from La­tin to Eng­lish by the compilers of Hymns An­cient and Mo­dern.

Music: Vic­to­ry (Row­ton), . Al­ter­nate tune:

Far be sorrow, tears and sighing!
Waves are calming, storms are dying,
Moses hath o’erpassed the sea,
Israel’s captive hosts are free;
Life by death slew death and saved us,
In His blood the Lamb hath saved us,
Clothing us with victory.

Jesus Christ from death has risen,
Lo! His Godhead bursts the prison,
While His Manhood passes free,
Vanquishing our misery.
Rise we free from condemnation;
Through our God’s humiliation,
Ours is now the victory.

Vain the foe’s despair and madness!
See the dayspring of our gladness!
Slaves no more of Satan we;
Children, by the Son set free;
Rise, for life with death has striven,
All the snares of hell are riven,
Rise and claim the victory.