Words: (1607-1676); first pub­lished in the third set of Ebeling’s Pauli Ger­hardi Geist­liche An­dacht­en in 1666 un­der the ti­tle “Morn­ing Bless­ing.” The orig­in­al Ger­man had 12 vers­es; the vers­es we are fam­il­iar with are the orig­in­al verse 4 (Even­ing and morn­ing) and 9 (Fa­ther, oh, hear me).

The trans­la­tion be­low, by (1800-1887), ap­peared in the 1857 edi­tion of Wil­liam Mer­cer’s The Church Psalt­er and Hymn Book. Other trans­lat­ors of this hymn in­clude John Kel­ly, who trans­lat­ed all 12 vers­es in his Paul Ger­hardt’s Spir­it­ual Songs (Lon­don, 1867) and , whose trans­la­tion ap­peared in the Amer­i­can Lu­the­ran Hymn­al, 1930. Iron­ic­al­ly, Brueck­ner’s trans­la­tion did not ev­en in­clude the orig­in­al verse 4 (Even­ing and Morn­ing), the most fa­mil­iar be­gin­ning verse.

Music: Die Güld­ne Son­ne, (1637-1676).

Evening and morning, sunset and dawning,
Wealth, peace and gladness, comfort in sadness,
These are Thy works; all the glory be Thine!
Times without number, awake or in slumber,
Thine eye observes us, from danger preserves us,
Causing Thy mercy upon us to shine.

Father, O hear me, pardon and spare me;
Calm all my terrors, blot out my errors,
That by Thine eyes they may no more be scanned.
Order my goings, direct all my doings;
As it may please Thee retain or release me;
All I commit to Thy fatherly hand.