Words: , 1998 (re­leased in­to the pub­lic do­main).

Music: Foot­prints of Je­sus, , in The Am­a­ranth, by At­ti­cus G. Hay­good & (Nash­ville, Ten­nes­see: 1871).

Everyone should be quick to listen—hear now and heed—
Slow to speak, also slow to anger in word and deed.
Anger does not yield a life praised by the Lord,
So get rid of all sin and humbly accept God’s Word.

If you listen, but do not practice, you’ll go astray,
Like a man who looks in a mirror, then goes away.
You must keep looking; God’s Word will set you free.
Don’t forget what you’ve heard, but do it, and blessed you’ll be.

If you think you’re a model Christian, yet speak too free,
If your tongue has no rein, faith’s worthless; you’ve been deceived.
Here’s faith the Father accepts as pure and true:
Help the needy, keep from defilement in all you do.