Words: , Short Hymns, 1762, cento.

Music: Evan, , 1847; ar­ranged by in the New Car­mi­na Sacr­a (Bos­ton, Mass­a­chu­setts: 1850).

Eternal Sun of righteousness,
Display Thy beams divine,
And cause the glory of Thy face
Upon my heart to shine.

Light, in Thy light, oh, may I see,
Thy grace and mercy prove,
Revived, and cheered, and blest by Thee,
The God of pardoning love.

Lift up Thy countenance serene,
And let Thy happy child
Behold, without a cloud between,
The Father reconciled.

On me Thy promised grace bestow,
The peace by Jesus giv’n;
The joys of holiness below,
And then the joys of Heav’n.