Words: , 1860; ap­peared in his Po­et­ic­al Works (New York: 1876).

Music: Bat­tle Hymn, (1776-1847).

  • Appleton, (1710-1779)
  • Church Tri­umph­ant, , 1874
  • Duke Street, at­trib­ut­ed to , 1793
  • Trinity Col­lege, (1823-1876)
  • Waltham (Cal­kin), , 1872

Eternal Father, Thou hast said
That Christ all glory shall obtain;
That He Who once a suff’rer bled
Shall o’er the world a conqu’ror reign.

We wait Thy triumph, Savior King,
Long ages have prepared Thy way;
Now all abroad Thy banner fling,
Set time’s great battle in array.

Thy hosts are mustered to the field;
“The Cross! the Cross!” the battle call;
The old grim towers of darkness yield,
And soon shall totter to their fall.

On mountain tops the watch fires glow,
Where scattered wide the watchmen stand;
Voice echoes voice, and onward flow
The joyous shouts from land to land.

Oh, fill the Church with faith and power!
Bid her long nights of weeping cease;
To groaning nations haste the hour
Of life and freedom, light and peace.

Come, Spirit, make Thy wonders known,
Fulfill the Father’s high decree;
Then earth, the might of hell o’er thrown,
Shall keep her last great jubilee.