Words: The Psalter, 1912.

Music: Board­man, var­i­ous­ly at­trib­ut­ed to Charles Jeff­reys (ar­ranged by Charles Kings­ley), or to L. Dev­er­eux. Al­ter­nate tune:

The earth, with all that dwell therein,
With all its wealth untold,
Belongs to God, who founded it
Upon the seas of old.

What man shall stand before the Lord
On Zion’s holy hill?
The clean of hand, the pure of heart,
The just who does His will.

Lo, such are they that seek for God
And blest by Him they live
To them His perfect righteousness
The God of grace will give.

Who is this glorious King that comes?
To claim His sovereign right?
It is the Lord omnipotent
All conquering in His might.

Ye everlasting doors, give way,
Lift up your heads, ye gates!
For now, behold, to enter in
The King of Glory waits.

Who is this glorious King that comes
To claim His rightful throne?
The Lord of Hosts, He is the King
Of glory, God alone.