Words: , 1863.

Music: Fer­gu­son, , 1843.

Dear Lord and Master mine,
Thy happy servant see;
My Conqueror, with what joy divine
Thy captive clings to Thee!

I love Thy yoke to wear,
To feel Thy gracious bands;
Sweetly restrained by Thy care
And happy in Thy hands.

No bar would I remove,
No bond would I unbind;
Within the limits of Thy love
Full liberty I find.

I would not walk alone,
But still with Thee, my God;
At every step my blindness own,
And ask of Thee the road.

The weakness I enjoy
That casts me on Thy breast;
The conflicts that Thy strength employ
Make me divinely blest.

Dear Lord and Master mine,
Still keep Thy servant true;
My Guardian and my Guide divine
Bring, bring Thy pilgrim through.

My Conqueror and my King,
Still keep me in Thy train;
And with Thee Thy glad captive bring
When Thou return’st to reign.