Words: Anonymous.

Music: St. Den­io, Welsh mel­o­dy; from Can­ai­dau y Cyss­egr, by , 1839. Al­ter­nate tunes:

  • Cra­dle Song, , 1895
  • Rebecca, (1848-1935)

If you know when this hymn was writ­ten, the au­thor, or where to get a pic­ture of him

Be firm and be faithful; desert not the right;
The brave become bolder the darker the night.
Then up and be doing, though cowards may fail;
Thy duty pursuing, dare all and prevail.

If scorn be thy portion, if hatred and loss,
If stripes or a prison, remember the cross.
God watches above thee, and He will requite;
Forsake those that love thee, but never the right.