Words: , 1875. Some hymn­als in­cor­rect­ly list the au­thor as “Wal­ter” Cush­ing.

Music: .

“One day in 1875 I was reach­ing up for a bless­ing,” says the au­thor of these words, “when suddenly there came down up­on my heart a vi­sion of the heav­en­ly count­ry. I seemed to look down up­on a ri­ver that like a mighty tide rolled be­neath me. Across, on the other side of this ri­ver, I saw an en­chant­ed land; its hills and val­leys were sleep­ing in a heav­en­ly calm. It was more beau­ti­ful than words can tell, and my heart seemed to be there. As I gazed up­on the scene, there came to my lips the words, ‘Beau­ti­ful val­ley of Eden.’ The vi­sion re­mained un­til I had writ­ten down the hymn; then it grad­u­al­ly fad­ed from my sight. But I want to say that the beau­ty of the hymn is large­ly due to Mr. Sher­win, who, by his rich mel­o­dy, has reached a deep­er chord than any mere words could ev­er have reached.”

Beautiful valley of Eden!
Sweet is thy noontide calm;
Over the heart of the weary,
Breathing thy waves of balm.


Beautiful valley of Eden,
Home of the pure and blest,
How often amid the wild billows
I dream of thy rest, sweet rest!

Over the heart of the mourner
Shineth thy golden day,
Waiting the songs of the angels
Down from the far away.


There is the home of my Savior;
There, with the blood washed throng,
Over the highlands of glory
Rolleth the great new song.