Words: , 1897. One Sun­day morn­ing, when she had been mar­ried on­ly a few weeks, Jes­sie was not feel­ing well, so her hus­band John went to church with­out her (Cent­ral Christ­ian Church, In­di­an­a­po­lis, In­di­a­na). Jes­sie stayed home and be­gan med­i­tat­ing on Hea­ven; by the time John re­turned, she had prod­uced these words.

This song was sung at the 1901 fun­er­al of as­sas­sin­at­ed Amer­i­can pre­si­dent Wil­liam Mc­Kin­ley. It was re­port­ed­ly his fav­or­ite song.

Music: .

Somewhere the sun is shining,
Somewhere the songbirds dwell;
Hush, then, thy sad repining,
God lives, and all is well.


Somewhere, somewhere,
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere!
Land of the true, where we live anew,
Beautiful Isle of Somewhere!

Somewhere the day is longer,
Somewhere the task is done;
Somewhere the heart is stronger,
Somewhere the guerdon won.


Somewhere the load is lifted,
Close by an open door;
Somewhere the clouds are rifted,
Somewhere the angels sing.