Christ the Conqueror

Conquering Now and Still to Conquer Jesus, the Conqueror, Reigns O Jesus, King Most Wonderful Onward, Christian Soldiers Rise, Glorious Conqueror Victory, The We Sing the Glorious Conquest Yet Once Again

Christ the Cornerstone

Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation Christ Is Our Cornerstone Church’s One Foundation, The Sure Foundation, The

Christ the Friend

Best Friend to Have Is Jesus, The Christ a Redeemer and Friend Friend of Sinners, Lord of Glory Friendship with Jesus He’s a Friend of Mine His Eye Is On the Sparrow I Have a Friend I Have a Friend, so Patient, Kind, Forbearing I Have a Friend Who Loveth Me Is There a Heart Bent O’er with...

Christ the Healer

At Even, Ere the Sun Was Set Great Physician, The Heal Us, Emmanuel, Hear Our Prayer Thou, Lord, Has Power to Heal Only Thy Garment’s Hem Thine Arm, O Lord, in Days of Old Where Are the Nine?

Christ the High Priest

Atoning Work Is Done, The Before the Throne of God Above Great High Priest, We See Thee Stooping Lord Ascendeth Up On High, The Now Let Our Cheerful Eyes Survey O Jesus, Lord Most Merciful O Savior, Who for Man Hast Trod O Thou Who Dwell’st On High On Olivet a Little Band Where High the Heavenly...

Christ the Intercessor & Advocate

Arise, My Soul, Arise Atoning Work Is Done, The Come, Let Us Lift Our Joyful Eyes Golden Harps Are Sounding I Am Praying for You Jesus, in Thee Our Eyes Behold Jesus, My Advocate Above O Word of Pity, for Our Pardon Pleading Sion’s Daughter, Weep No More Where High the Heavenly Temple Stands

Christ the King

Alleluia! Sing to Jesus! All Glory, Laud and Honor All Mortal Vanities, Begone All Hail to Thee, Immanuel Around the Savior’s Lofty Throne Behold My Servant! See Him Rise Beyond the Glittering, Starry Skies Bright with All His Crowns of Glory Christ, Above All Glory Seated Christ Is King Christ...

Christ the Lamb

Behold! Behold the Lamb of God Blessèd Lamb of Calvary Come, All Ye Sons of God From Highest Heav’n the Eternal Son Holy Lamb, Who Thee Confess Holy Lamb, Who Thee Receive I Lay My Sins On Jesus I Thirst, Thou Wounded Lamb of God Jesus, Lamb of God, for Me Lamb of God, I Look to Thee Lamb...

Christ the Leader

I Remember Calvary I Will Never Turn Back Jesus, Still Lead On Lord, Thy Children Guide and Keep O I Want to See Him Some Day Where the Savior Leads Who Will Our Pilot Be?

Christ the Prince of Peace

He’s the Prince of Peacemakers

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