Born: De­cember 31, 1823, Hing­ham Cen­ter, Mass­a­chu­setts.

Died: Oc­to­ber 19, 1902, Lis­bon Cen­ter, New York.

Buried: Jones Cem­e­te­ry (near Sears­burg), New York.

Cushing’s parents were Un­i­tar­i­ans, and his ear­ly train­ing was along these lines. Af­ter en­ter­ing the min­is­try, his first pas­tor­ate was at Sears­burg, New York. He mar­ried in 1854, and went on to serve in Au­burn, Brook­lyn, Buf­falo, and Spar­ta, New York. Af­ter his wife died in 1870 and his health de­clined, he re­tired from the mi­nis­try and be­gan writ­ing hymns. He com­plet­ed over 300 in his life­time.

Cushing was an ex­emp­lary Christ­ian, ever mind­ful of the suf­fer­ing of others. Once he gave $1,000—all he had, an enor­mous sum in those days—to a blind girl so she could get an ed­u­ca­tion.



  1. Beautiful Valley of Eden
  2. Do They Know?
  3. Fair Is the Morn­ing Land
  4. Floral Praise
  5. Follow On
  6. Gathering Home to the Silent Shore
  7. Hiding in Thee
  8. Home at Last
  9. I Am Resting So Sweetly in Jesus Now
  10. I Am Waiting by the River
  11. I Have Heard of a Land Far Away
  12. Name of Jesus, The
  13. No Hope in Jesus
  14. Ring the Bells of Heaven
  15. There’ll Be No Dark Valley
  16. Under His Wings
  17. We Are Watching
  18. When He Cometh
  19. When Jesus Comes